Professional Driver to the East Coast

„Homeopaths without Borders“, a German NGO, went to the east coast of Sri Lanka after the 2004 Tsunami and treated flood victims. Over 18 months in two-week shifts, we maintained a little clinic and made regular visits to camps, reaching 5000 people. On a regular basis, our teams had to be picked up from the Banderanaike airport (Colombo) and brought to Kalmunai, and vice versa. Before we discovered Neel, we had experiences with several other drivers, often a challenge for our stomach and our trust in God. Neel made these trips a relaxing experience. He spoke English, talked his country and his people, and made the 10 hours trip interesting by introducing us to the local cuisine. We could trust him 100%, so we also left valuables and equipment in his custody. Due to the fact that Nell speaks some Tamil as well, he was of great help in the East. Up till the end of our project in 2010, we tried to always book Neel as a driver.

„Homeopaths without Borders“ wants to thank Neel for his great reliability and support, and wish him all the best for his business.
Erdmute Erben (Homeopaths without Borders, project lead Sri Lanka)

(personally, I had the pleasure to go on a guided tour around Sri Lanka using Neel as driver and guide, after the end of the project. Hopefully not fort he last time).

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